ChaiOne Insights: context aware computing

Apple Watch: The Next Enterprise Technology

4 minutes read

The Apple Watch: overhyped or worth it? Some are regretting their purchase while others are loving it. There are definitely many perks, but also some downsides to the technology. As a consumer product, there are many functionalities such as checking your heart rate with a sensor, receiving notifications of new messages, emails, and other things happening in apps, paying for things, and creating drawings. It basically feels like a tiny computer on your wrist. Unfortunately, in this first...

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Creating Smarter Apps: A New Platform for Contextual Applications

11 minutes read

Over the past four years, I have been fascinated at the speed at which the world has adopted mobile technologies. The advent of the App Store distribution model for software and media opened up new sources of revenue and dramatically accelerated what was already a fast adoption rate of smartphones. Today, estimates peg the global number of mobile users at 4.5 billion, roughly two-thirds of the world population.

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Context Aware Computing & its Growing Impact on Technology

3 minutes read

What works today is not just advertising. True, many Fortune 500 companies may be spending up to $500 million each year on advertising. Yet, the modern age demands a much more lethal tool — the use of context and that is what companies are slowly beginning to understand.

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