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Designing Data Visualizations

4 minutes read

This post is part of a series on visualizing data.
More and more, data is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Buzzwords, like “big data” and “data visualization”, are gaining traction, and they will likely only grow in importance as we begin to gather more data on a daily basis.

The data that users are producing can be extremely useful and valuable if made to be more digestible. Commonly found with this kind of growth, static numbers or a simple rundown of statistics can fail to embody...

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Digital Plant: Why Big Data Needs UCD and Mobile Solutions

6 minutes read

In the digital age — where everything is connected — plant owners and operators are making more strides with data than ever before. From decreasing downtime to avoiding costly and sometimes cataclysmic equipment failure, big data is changing how the modern plant functions.

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The Benefits of Big Data and Context

5 minutes read

Data - it’s what companies are looking at more intently than ever before. The IDC recently reported that, “almost 3 zettabytes of data existed in the world in 2012, and this number will double every year through 2015.” Now that the amount of data has exploded, analyzing big data has become an integral component for businesses to stay competitive. According to McKinsey, “the increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the...

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How can mobility impact the digital oilfield?

4 minutes read

The adoption of smartphones have surpassed the PC at last and is becoming even more integrated into day-to-day life. We use it to read email, share news with friends, check the weather, follow the news, manage our physical activity, remotely manage our home security, track the calories we consume, etc.

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The Digital Plant: Key Opportunities for the Manufacturing Industry

7 minutes read


Digital plant. The fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0. Digital disruption. Mobile-driven revolution.

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