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5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Having a Mobile App


A recent analysis suggests users spend more time on a company's mobile app than they spend on its website. As the human race continues to evolve towards a mobile-centric society, it certainly isn't surprising mobile apps are at the center of this shift.

What is a mobile application?

A mobile application, also known as a mobile app, is either a software application or computer program designed to run on a mobile device—either a phone, watch, or tablet. The initial intention of mobile apps was to increase the user's productivity related to contact databases, email, and calendar usage. However, the public's interest in apps grew tremendously, and rapid expansion subsequently grew with it.

Suddenly there were apps for mobile games, factory automation, location-based services and GPS, order tracking, and ticket purchases. Today, there are millions of apps currently on the market, and to gain access, you must download them from a distribution platform such as Google Play Store or the App Store (Apple).

Why do I need a mobile application?

Increases visibility to customers

Americans spend an incredible amount of time on their mobile device. Every time the user has to unlock the phone, scroll, and scan their device for the apps they need, they unconsciously record every image of well-designed app icons (including yours).

Provide value to customers

Developing a loyalty program instead of sticking to the traditional point-collection card makes it possible for your customers to collect their rewards through your mobile app. The result will be more downloads and an increased number of return customers.

Build brand recognition

A mobile application for your business can contribute tremendously to your brand’s awareness.

Improve customer engagement

Regardless of your business, your customers need a way to reach you. Having a message feature in your mobile application can make a definitive difference in how you communicate with your customers.

Cultivate customer loyalty

There’s a tremendous amount of advertising thrown at customers every day from flashing signs, Facebook ads, email marketing, websites, flyers, coupons, billboards, and roadside banners. It's time to go back to making an authentic, genuine connection with your customers and making them a lover of your product or service. Developing a mobile app is one of the most straightforward ways to reconnect with your customers.

What questions do I need to ask myself before developing a mobile app?

You must answer several questions before developing and launching a mobile application for your business.

Do we have a long-term strategy?

First, consider whether your business is ready to invest the money, time, and energy needed to develop a long-term mobile app strategy.

Before developing any application, think about the initial costs and what it will take to maintain it over time. Strategic app planning can spell the difference between a successful app and a flop.

Does our mobile app have a market?

With research, you can decide if there are enough potential users in your target market. If the market has no competition, you may have a tough time validating the product's need. However, it doesn't mean there isn't a need for your app. You may just need to take more time to identify who your user is.

On the other hand, if there is already a large existing market with intense competition, you may have to think of ways to position your app to stand out more than usual. The goal is to give users a reason to download it over a competitors' app.

What do our users want?

Traditionally, the most successful apps focus on helping their users solve a specific problem they face. Yours shouldn't be any different. Identify what issue your user meets and build your app to solve it.

Often mobile apps fail because they try to do too many things.

How do I develop my mobile app?

Once you’ve done the research and decided your plan to launch an app, the next thing to do is find a developer. You likely don’t have one in-house, so you’ll need to outsource the development. Finding the right mobile app development company can add tremendous value in more ways than mere production. There are seven essential points to look for to make the right decision for your app and business.

Mobile application development for your business

Developing a mobile application can propel your business towards thousands of new customers and future business success. There has never been a better time for mobile application development than now. If you’re ready to build an app for your business, let us know, and we can start putting together a strategy for a successful launch.