Bringing the $260B Steel Industry Online

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North Shore Steel is Modernizing Industrial Commerce

Working closely with North Shore Steel, we transformed the customer journey for buying steel products into a modern retail experience supported by North Shore Steel's top-notch customer service.

Our Voice of Customer research showed key customer preferences and trends which helped guide the investment in the right areas.

  • Over 50% of industrial customers ready to buy online
  • Sales team aligned with new customer journey
  • Opportunity to attract long tail customers with the platform
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Customer Dashboard

North Shore Steel's customer dashboard provides an up-to-date look at customer orders, shipment status, account financials, and buying statistics.

Product Catalog

Customers have multiple paths to quickly finding the products they wish to purchase. Through search, filters, and a personalized favorites list, North Shore Steel's SWIFT platform lives up to its name.

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Cart & Checkout

New customers can buy with a credit card or choose account based billing. Existing customers continue to have the choice and flexibility to transact in their preferred way.