Eliminating Errors through Digital Standardization

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Streamlined funding request within a global company

Employees of a Fortune 10 global company had to complete a tedious process to request project funds internally. Half of new requests contained errors and would have to be resubmitted, often requiring 3-4 revision cycles. Delayed funds impacted project completion timelines while poor request process created excessive internal costs to submit and complete funding requests.

A digital portal for funding requests ensured:

  • A consistent funding request process across the global workforce
  • Streamlined workflows for different types of requests, ensuring that employees enter all needed information without being distracted by irrelevant and generic questions
  • Significantly reduced the number of rejected first request submissions
  • Significantly shortened the review cycle and streamlined review process across global reviewers
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Allocation Detail

A streamlined Allocation Detail tab enables an organized way to list, sort, and edit allocated resources quickly and efficiently.

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