Enabling the Digital Plant of the Future

Solving the right problems for the safety and security of the plant of the future

Exelon needed to move deliveries through the security process faster and ensure efficient turnarounds.

ChaiOne created a visitor management system aimed at removing wait times and delivery rejections.

  • The native iOS ecosystem scaled to all 13 plants nationwide, and resulted in $10M+ in savings
  • The root cause of delays and procedure inefficiencies identified via experience research
  • Roadmap of digital initiatives drove user adoption, eliminated human error, and increased productivity and communication
  • Reduced human error and increased productivity
  • Reduced workflow from 29 steps to 10
exelon vehicle search app-screenshot-02
exelon vehicle search app-screenshot-01

"I mean we're splitting atoms here, but still writing everything on paper. This solution will change that."

Security Officer
Large Utility Company