The new energy consumer is here

Your consumers want more than bare-bones kilowatt-hour data: they want transparency and ease from their electricity provider, especially when it comes to designing a smart home, managing usage and understanding their energy sources. Go beyond basic once-a-month utility bills to deliver personalized energy-as-a-service: empowering your consumers with the information they need when they need it.

We can help you reframe your relationship with your energy consumers:

Help consumers integrate and manage their smart home.

Deliver communication on the right channel at the right time during crises.

Empower consumers to manage their own energy usage.

Leverage the smart grid to enable consumers to take advantage of alternative energy sources.

Simplify load demand planning

with real-time data and predictive analytics to sharpen the accuracy of your forecasting.

Leverage the internet of Things

to enable predictive maintenance and cut operating costs by as much as 40%.

Elevate customer service

with an intuitive and streamlined redesign of your call center process: improving the productivity of agents by upwards of 400% while increasing satisfaction among your customer base.

icn-remote workforce
Manage your remote workforce more effectively

with real-time data to report location and progress while doubling operator productivity.

icn-processes breakdown
Understand where your processes breakdown

with real-time, connected KPI dashboards.

Optimize every asset

with management by exception alerts to stay ahead of breakdowns and outages to double operator productivity.

Industrial Internet of Things

Your people, your equipment, your environment produce a lot of data. We plug into IIoT to contextualize and visualize critical data in the right way, enabling you to manage workforce, machines and investments in more efficient, automated ways. Click to learn more about our technology expertise and digital toolbox for IIoT.

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