Trying to Train Your Salespeople? Use iPad apps.

Did classroom training make you feel bored? Do you still remember those days when you had to sit in class for hours to develop your soft skills? A 2011 survey of learning professionals stated that over 65% of them used classroom training to develop their soft skills. However, that doesn’t mean using technological advancements for learning have stopped – or that they aren’t being used often.

Let me help you think from a business perspective. It's important that all employees have the most up-to-date information especially if they are out presenting to clients. IPads help a business share information with employees on the fly and in real time. If you’re one of those who believe that an iPad is a useless piece of technology, you’ll be amazed to know that many companies have already built applications for businesses to train employees.

Why did companies feel the need to create sales training apps for iPads?

Naturally, you may question the need to use iPads as a sales training device. Well, it’s not a great idea to call every employee just to share small, but important information every time something comes up. This is logistically a bad idea and necessitates the existence of a concept like mobile sales training.

There are various ways in which enterprises are using iPads in order to train their employees to close sales more effectively.

Sales Tips and Tricks

Letting the trainers or the trainees have customized iPads with personalized courses goes a long way.

As a salesperson, you need to know the product advantages of what you are selling. You need to know how the product outdoes its competitors and what its functions are. IPads will help you spread important information quickly to different salespeople and train them on different aspects of the sales process.

A sales training iPad app can also help you understand the complexities faced by salespeople in real time and address issues quickly. This is especially helpful for a larger organization where employees are situated in different territories across the country.

An example is Scott Kay, one of the leading hand-sculpted jewelry design and manufacturers in the US, that has put in place iPads for sales and training. The company has shifted all its sales materials including training manuals, catalogs, order forms, and more on to the iPad. In addition, salespeople can easily learn about the company and use sales techniques from the training manuals on the iPad wherever they go. The Scott Kay team uses a variety of apps to make sales, which has led to a significant reduction in sample costs and insurance expenses.

There are other apps like Litmos that allow you to create courses, synchronize teams, alert them and so on. Litmos offers an entire learning platform on your iPad and employees can use it with ease no matter where they are.

Mobile Brainstorming

Now here’s another solid way to utilize your iPad to train your sales personnel. Apps like Prezi make it very easy to come up with new ideas and work in collaboration with others. It offers to make some exciting presentations. Making the presentations is easy and viewing them is a piece of cake as well.

Not just that, if you go through the iOS store or Google Play, you will find various other productive tools which aid in sales.

IPads help team members and employees brainstorm - in real time. Take the example of Padform for instance. The app helps you manage salespeople easily – you can actually share data, send messages, protect data with passwords and be in touch with employees all the time. Whether knowing about order confirmations or letting your salespeople know how to act in a particular situation, Padform is an innovative solution.

Promoting Teamwork

Taking you back to the basics of how iPads are being used in businesses, you can use it to promote group activity and make employees more involved. You may not be able to see everyone’s faces from your own department but you do know you have to achieve the same goal as the others and there’s a reduced element of negative competition.

Companies like Igloo Inc. use iPads for sales training – and do it quite effectively. Most workers know what’s happening in their office world right from the time they wake up. Perhaps the most interesting use of iPads has been made by Trane, a global provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. The company replaced clipboards with iPads in order to enhance productivity and the results paid off. Trane distributors use an app to explain their systems and submit orders which helps shorten the company's "ring-to-ching" metric. Having an app helps salespeople complete transactions at the point of sale instead of after a multistep exchange and various meetings. In addition, salepeople can use analytics tools to figure out sales patterns and direct customers to the right solutions quicker than before and without a large amount of paperwork. By using an app, Trane can compete more effectively in the market and get more bids for air conditioning equipment.

Besides these examples, companies often use mLearning and iPads to reinforce the learning acquired by employees in their classroom. With advancements in mLearning technology and companies investing more to make iPads easily accessible to employees, you don't need to spend time in classroom training anymore: all you need is an iPad and some mobile tools to get going today!

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