ChaiOne Insights: UX (2)

Why do I need user research? Answers To Internal Objections

9 minutes read

Successful products are ones that provide great user experiences (UX). Companies that focus on UX succeed and companies that don’t fail. The top 10 most successful companies in the S&P index invest heavily in engineering a successful UX, while the 10 least successful companies do not. Popular opinion is that UX is essential to success; however, when discussing with potential stakeholders all the efforts involved in creating a stellar UX, some are surprised by the amount and type of work that...

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Improving the UX of Call Center Software

5 minutes read


This blog post is based on an interview with Lali Lobzhanidze, a Senior Interaction Designer, at ChaiOne.

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Usability Testing: Getting Guerrilla With It

7 minutes read

A visually appealing application with innovative interactive elements might be ineffective and impractical if the needs, wants, and interests of the user have not been considered. User needs can be diverse and should require special attention throughout the project lifecycle. The key is to test early and test often to ensure that you are designing an application that is serving a purpose, solving a problem, and addressing user needs and wants.

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UX is not UCD

3 minutes read


Just what is user experience (UX) and user-centered design (UCD)? Often, practitioners talk about these concepts as though they are the same which is problematic. Producing content that combines UX and UCD produces an unclear picture of our industry to outsiders, which makes services harder to sell, or at least requires lots of explanation prior to the sell. This industry will benefit by having clear definitions of each of these concepts and discussing them consistently. In pursuit of...

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Human Factors and Successful Enterprise UX

4 minutes read

The business benefits of intuitive, user-friendly and pleasant technologies have been highlighted in various sources, including prominent media outlets like Harvard Business Journal and Forbes. Delivering positive business user experiences (enterprise UX) is a task for a multidisciplinary team. First, researchers investigate and document the current state of user experience. Then, designers craft solutions to address the pain-points and challenges in the present user experience. And finally,...

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Solving the Biggest Challenge of Enterprise IoT: UX

5 minutes read

James Bond is driving a BMW 750i, expertly maneuvering through a difficult parking garage and evading a rocket launcher, a steel wire trap and quite a few barrages of gunfire. He's doing all this from an Ericsson mobile phone track pad— from the backseat of the vehicle, often just relying on the phone's screen for a visual as gunshots fly through the windshield. Despite only receiving one warning of an obstruction, Bond is able to drive the car with a certain ease, never cursing the poor...

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