ChaiOne Insights: UX research (2)

Using Ethnographic Research in Business

5 minutes read


Trying to understand your customers and your business better? One tool you can use is ethnographic research, which allows an organization to learn about the user’s current experiences so that teams can figure out how to create an even better experience. Ethnography, which comes from sociology, is the process of reporting on what you’ve learned about people and cultures. It involves participant observation and intensive fieldwork. It’s important to know how users interact in a natural...

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ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Adrian Garcia

9 minutes read

Adrian Garcia

Senior UX Researcher at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Adrian Garcia, a Senior UX Researcher at ChaiOne. As a Senior UX Researcher, Adrian and his team chart the design direction of projects and ensure the technology we deliver is user-friendly, intuitive, supports users in the context of their work, and delivers on specific business objectives.

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Personas in the User-Centered Design Process

6 minutes read


If you are involved in User-Centered Design (UCD) work, you need to know about personas. Personas are a means of summarizing an audience segment targeted by a product development effort as a fictional character. For example, if a team intends to launch a product for a specific group, the first step would be studying the group in detail, and the next step would be summarizing the data about the group in the form of a persona. Doing this helps teams determine product requirements, charts...

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Six Best Practices For Conducting User Interviews

10 minutes read


In software development, researchers collect data about end users' needs to make sure the resulting system facilitates the work they are trying accomplish. In order to do this, they can use interviews, which is a method of collecting qualitative data that teams can use to define system requirements that will produce game-changing results. The data from the interviews is then fed into the agile and user-centered design lifecycles as an input for creating the following artifacts: personas,...

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Uxicorn: Choosing the Right Design and UX Agency

5 minutes read

The buzzword UX, which stands for “User eXperience,” has escaped design world and infiltrated C-level suites at various companies that engage in everything under the sun except design. They need a design and UX agency.

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What is UX Research and Why Should I Care?

4 minutes read


What is user research and why should my organization care? What's the return on investment from research? Often, you'll hear people dismiss the value of research and you may have even asked the same questions before, too. Many think of research as a waste of time and money without realizing how important research can be. User research affects your entire strategy from idea conception to product delivery. Instead of thinking of user research as an expense or delay, you need to shift your...

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