Oil & Gas iPad Apps

For many oil and gas companies, the question of whether to use iPads and tablets for operational work has always been something to worry about. Whether you wonder about the effectiveness of the tablet or embracing new technology, oil and gas companies have not always used technology to their benefit.

Nevertheless, the use of iPads can help in several ways. Oil and gas companies no longer have to invest only in new and costly technologies to increase output and productivity. iPad apps can help them pump more oil, be more productive, and reduce operational costs. Here is a look at a few of the iPad apps that are trending today.

GreaseBook Pumper App

This app is among the best gas gauge sheet solutions that you will probably come across today! The app offers a number of advantages including submission of production reports with a single click, allowing for automated paperwork so that everything remains error-free and on time.

An interesting feature of the app is its ability to automatically match the image of the ticket to the correct tank and lease, decreasing the chances of errors and misplaced tickets. For operators, the app offers the ability to know when the oil is sold as well as any discrepancies between pumpers and purchaser gauges. It also reduces operation time since operators don’t need to remind their workers to get their data in every time.

KPMG Focus on Oil & Gas App

What’s the latest trend in the industry? What do the industry experts have to say? Whether through videos or articles, you should immerse yourself in hot topics and understand thought leadership in a new way. By accessing an interactive library or saving your own thoughts and experiences, the app helps you stay updated. There is also the bookmark and annotation feature to keep things simple.

Oil & Gas Journal App

The Oil & Gas Journal was first published in 1902 and since then has come a long way. Today, it is the first oil and gas industry magazine to offer you news analysis, statistical studies, as well as other specialty articles in the oil and gas niche. Whether you need to study recent trends, develop technologies, or save your favorite articles and share them through social media sites with all your friends, this is the app to use.

Varel Oil and Gas Calculator

Oil news magazine apps help you stay updated with the latest news in the industry, and other apps help you manage both employees and operations better. The Varel Oil and Gas Calculator app is a bit of the latter, and helps you calculate aspects like Total Flow Area and Total Ports as well as perform Hydraulics Analysis. There are also the Roller Cone charts. The calculator is a great way to ensure that all oil and gas drill bit calculations are right.

iWell Pumper

This is another one of those apps that offer a way to reduce operational costs and increase productivity in the field. Perfect for oil and gas pumpers, the app offers a more efficient approach by helping to collect and disseminate production and field data easily. Remember how pumpers used to spend hours each day recording official data into spreadsheets and relaying that information to operators over phone or with faxes? This resulted in losing millions in revenue for oil companies―up until now. The iWell Pumper app is simple and intuitive and disseminates real-time data to other field personnel, managers, and operators, making paperwork a waste of time. Operators and managers know well about the data and can take actions quicker.

Oil & Gas Field Operations

This app enables users to make all inspections on the field with their tablet or smartphone. Whether taking pictures as required, creating detailed assessments, or converting reports to popular formats like .doc and PDF― this app can do it all. Moreover, the user can calculate various measurements including oil density, drill pipe and gas density, and visualize all of these in a single map. This is the perfect app for field personnel.

Custom Apps

All the apps mentioned earlier can do a variety of tasks, but you may want to create a mobile app that does something else. At ChaiOne, we create custom applications that include features that will help a business align its mobile strategy with business objectives. By observing different processes, we can create a custom app to handle these tasks.

So, what’s next in the niche of oil and gas apps? Perhaps a bit more collaboration would be optimal or an app that could do it all―from calculations to handling data to giving news and updates. Well, we will have to wait a bit for that, but it’s coming.

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