In organizations, problems are bound to come up. In industries with dangerous workplaces such as construction, accidents happen frequently. According to OSHA, 4,383 workers were killed on the job in 2012 with an average of more than 84 a week. For fatalities in the private industry, 19.6% of total worker fatalities were in construction. If you have one of America’s 10 deadliest jobs, you’re even more at risk. Since lumberjacks, fishermen and fisherwomen have to work in such hazardous conditions, they might as well have something to make their workplaces safer. Fortunately, there are now mobile apps that can make working in places like Alaska (shellfishing), a manufacturing facility, or oilfield a little less dangerous. Furthermore, mobile apps can also come in handy after an accident has happened. As many doctors know, time is of the essence when trying to save lives. Of course, you can’t compare a mobile app to a person that can immediately perform CPR on an unconscious person who is having a heart attack. However, if a mobile app can make reporting and treating emergencies quicker and easier, imagine how many lives could be saved. Incident management and safety mobile apps have the potential to impact many people when implemented correctly.

A variety of mobile apps that deal with incident management and safety currently exist in the marketplace. Check out some below that can come in handy:

Situation Center Mobile

MissionMode is a company that operates on the goal of simplifying the process of responding to any routine or emergency disruption. They have web-based (SaaS) emergency notification and incident management applications and mobile apps for enterprises. One of its mobile apps, Situation Center Mobile, helps employees collaborate, manage tasks, and send alerts. Everyone on a team will be notified and able to understand the incident by using the app. It features a time-stamped incident log, team and individual tasks and checklists, a resource library, an emergency notification system, real-time dashboard, and encryption to secure your communications. With Situation Center Mobile, you are able to reduce the time, cost, and risk of a response to an incident no matter where your team is located.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

As the name implies, the ICE (In Case of Emergency) medical app helps you in emergencies. With this app, you’re able to provide EMTs with important personal and medical information such as your emergency contact, blood type, allergies, and medical conditions. You can even store images of your insurance card, prescription card, and driver’s license. For example, if you happen to find yourself hurt and unable to speak, you may be able to just show the mobile app on your phone to your colleague or manager so that they can quickly locate your emergency contact and give vital information to the EMT. This saves valuable time and it also ensures that you won’t have an allergic reaction to a certain medication.


For those that work with chemicals, the ChemAlert app is great for chemical safety management. With ChemAlert, you’re able to search for over 120,000 currently manufactured chemicals and access important health and safety information for these chemicals all on your iPhone or iPad. For example, the app includes key safety management information such as hazards and GHS classifications, risk and safety phrases, first aid information, and recommendations on personal protective equipment. With an app like this, chemists and others that work with chemicals will be able to minimize the risks associated with chemical use and exposure by using this critical information.


If you’re a manager of a construction site, you’ll need to make sure that you have plans just in case an emergency arises. SiteDocs is a safety management system where you can sign all your safety forms on an iPad and then have them automatically organized online. This system features things like a Hazard Assessment and Control Measures form that enables users to custom create new project documentation in seconds. The benefits of using SiteDocs includes being able to proactively prove due diligence on site in real time, reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries, qualify for government rebates, and reduce owner liability. According to the website, a SiteDocs for iPhone app is coming soon.

Your Custom Incident Management Mobile App

You may be thinking that these apps may not have features that you need or the apps are missing some important information that your organization needs. Well, you could always work with a mobile agency to develop a custom app that caters to your exact specifications. At ChaiOne, we strive to help your organization and conduct research in order to discover what your employees need. With this research, we are able to come up with solutions and create a mobile app that people want to use.


These mobile apps along with custom ones should help make your workplace a little less dangerous or at least help you manage accidents better. With many emergency situations popping up at work, you never know when you’ll need something to help you. Having an emergency plan and mobile solutions will make you better prepared. As more organizations focus on making work a safer place, mobile agencies will be able to help you find solutions that fit with your processes. You never know when a mobile app could end up saving your life or someone else’s life.