Group Messaging Apps for Enterprises

Have you ever wondered how to communicate with a team member who is running late for an early morning meeting without having to dig for his or her personal number? Well, most of us have faced this dilemma multiple times at work. With the current generation growing up on an overdose of texts and WhatsApp messages, connectivity seems to be a cakewalk. However, if you take a peek at an enterprise level, sharing personal contact numbers may be uncomfortable or even undesirable at times within organizations and communication can be tricky.

Group Chat Messaging Apps (Trends)

To fill up the gap in between personal use and enterprise use, a new class of group messaging apps is being developed that is especially targeted toward enterprises. These apps embrace the positives from both worlds and are maintaining a balance with the familiar IM usability options along with security features and management options suitable for the enterprise environment.

Creating such apps is the need of the hour as demand is building up rapidly and promises appropriate returns. There is a long list of organizations joining the group of developers, and some of the names include Cotap, TigerText, and Tomfoolery, which was recently acquired by Yahoo!

Among the major organizations, Microsoft is putting in more effort to consolidate its existing features, namely Yammer and Lync, which allow existing users to experience a more streamlined set of tools similar to what other apps are offering.

A study by Frost and Sullivan states that the number of users for full-suite enterprise social networking reached 208 million last year and is likely to hit 535 million by 2018. The study also states that nearly 90 percent of these apps are paid for by the subscribers.

Benefits of Group Messaging Apps

With the advent of social media, the means and methods of communication have expanded manyfold. Employees are already communicating with each other through emails, text messages, Skype, HipChat, and Snapchat amid many other platforms. There are a multitude of options and people are trying to find the most suitable one for themselves.

The new age group messaging apps can be quite helpful for your organization because they can be pushed and pulled to fit your custom requirements. These upcoming group chat messaging apps are custom built to provide the security your work requires along with a complete package that enables users to share messages, emails, videos, chats, and even their locations with each other.

The apps are proving to be an excellent method to bridge the gap between an older generation who is getting accustomed to social media and a younger workforce about to enter the job market, who have grown up with social media.

The app creators are also aware about the comfort level users enjoy in the existing apps while they converse with their friends and family, and it would be a tough task to initiate them to a new interface and usability design. Hence, the new apps contain similar designs and usability features, but without the hassles of having to know personal details such as phone numbers or even their personal social media profiles.

Lastly, the efforts are on to integrate the apps across all platforms whether it is a desktop or your handheld mobile phone so that no one is left out of the grid.

Apps for the Enterprise

As an enterprise owner, you can be assured that these perfectly tailored apps contain the right ingredients that will help a team to interact freely and communicate much more effectively than ever before.

With the rise of BYOD (Bring your own device) policies at work, more and more employees are taking advantage of various apps to increase their productivity and stay ahead of the race. Here is a peek at a few enterprise apps that are gaining popularity fast:

HipChat and Redbooth

The Google Apps marketplace is a wonderful area to shop around for your enterprise needs and the most common names doing the rounds are HipChat and Redbooth (formerly Teambox). Both are accessible across all platforms, making it easier to work and communicate wherever you are. At ChaiOne, we are avid users of HipChat.

ooVoo and VSee

The Apple App store has a multitude of apps for enterprises, and the most popular one is ooVoo Video Call, Text and Voice, which is available for free, and is also the proud winner of the Best Social Networking App 2013 Tabby Award and the Best App Technology 2013 Appster award. The other latest app available at the app store is VSee, which is quickly gaining ground.

BigAnt Instant Messenger

This app provides basic chat features along with group chat, video, and voice chat as well. The costs are $299 for the server and $15.90 for each client license.


This is the only free app available in the long list of strictly enterprise apps. It has basic instant messaging facilities, and the voice and video chat facilities can be enabled through plugins.

Examples of Companies Using Group Messaging Apps for Enterprise

While bigger organizations are opening up their pockets to carve out customized apps suited for their requirements, smaller organizations are seemingly using existing informal options such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Reviving from its stupor, Blackberry is back in the news with its new BBM messaging service with an ultra-protected version that has an extra layer of encryption. This version has already been welcomed by Novalink, a German IT services company that has been impressed with it so far.

Google apps have also helped multiple brands such as the National Geographic magazine, Banshee Wines, and Jeni’s ice cream, which have all been using Google apps for their respective businesses.

So, which one do you plan to embrace? Share your thoughts with us by tweeting @chaione.

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