Why Your CX Strategy Needs a Digital Innovation Agency

Why Your CX Strategy Needs a Digital Innovation Agency

ChaiOne is an established leader in enterprise mobility and custom digital solutions. Our applications routinely generate astounding impact for businesses, from 400 percent increases in productivity, millions saved in data entry errors, and halving maintenance costs.

What many of our supporters may not realize is that as we have honed our user-centered design practice, and excelled at completing detailed user personas that correspond to business KPIs. We know where the ROI is for applications — before we write a single line of code. It’s for this reason that many of our regular customers are now turning to our research and design departments for data-driven customer journey mapping, and helping them build out a more advanced customer experience and mobile ecosystem.

Data-Driven UX

ChaiOne’s unique approach to research and design is data-driven — relying on hard facts, not assumptions. Beginning with an initial consultation to assess our customers unique challenges, our researchers act like digital explorers – doing whatever it takes to make sure that nothing is assumed and it’s only scientific data that drives the observations they make. Many agencies have a user research arm, but there are two main differences that set our practice apart:

    1. Only qualified and dedicated user researchers perform the research.We have experts in human factors research, human-computer interaction and cognitive psychology performing the research. Not designers, not project managers. Our specialists focus solely on their craft – one of the reasons why they have been able to create a one-of-a-kind process to maximize ROI, and create our own internal wealth of knowledge on how users interact with mobile and digital products.
    2. We believe in the science.It’s so easy to compromise or make shortcuts on the research budget, and although we could attempt to move forward with just a few assumptions, or try to rely on a few conversations with some project stakeholders, this just isn’t our style. We are committed to gathering and analyzing precise data to identify the exact KPIs to make our customers successful and deploy a seamless digital solution.

Collaborative Culture

Once the research is complete, our designers then take the reports that our researchers compile, and work with them closely to create applications that will meet the client’s KPI goals. The researchers don’t just throw the report over the fence and cross their fingers. Designers and researchers on the same project sit right next to each other, so they can kick ideas back and forth and get approval from each other on the solutions. This is absolutely crucial to meeting the needs presented in the research report.

In the same vein, the designers also work closely with the engineering team. They are side-by-side with them during both design and development to make sure the designs make sense and are possible from an engineering standpoint. This makes a huge difference. Many agencies outsource every bit of development. Which do you think makes a better final product: being able to turn to the person next to you to talk about the project, or having to go back and forth over emails in opposite time zones?

The engineering team has their own specialties. The team focuses on coding forward, or coding in advance of the features that are coming to make a much smoother development process. Our agile schedule also ensures that clients see versions of the app as it is built, rather than the entire end-product once it is done. Our engineering team has worked on mission-critical operations products; if these applications don’t work correctly, it is not an exaggeration to say that lives will be at risk.

Ultimately, what makes a difference when companies invest in something as critical as customer experience is the quality of the people doing the work. At ChaiOne, we’ve created a culture that attracts highly intelligent and talented people because we firmly believe behind every great customer journey is an expert team to meticulously research every detail, test every visual, and future-proof every line of code. The impact on your business? Digital solutions that deliver both meaningful and measurable results — and change your business in a way that increases efficiency and productivity.