The Advantages of Customized Sales Presentations and Mobile Apps

In elementary school, teachers (at least the ones at my school) would tell all the students that each and every one of them was special. Your parents probably told you that you were special, too. However, even though they may have said that you're special, did they actually use actions to back up those words? Well, as a salesperson, are you telling your prospective clients that they are special? If so, are you actually treating them well or do you end up pitching everyone the same deck? Think about it. The needs of prospective clients aren’t all the same so you shouldn’t give the same generic sales document and pitch to everyone. Some clients may want to buy your product or service to overhaul the company’s entire process while others only want the service to enhance one department.

One of the biggest hurdles that salespeople have to overcome is figuring out a client’s preferences and what is needed in order for them to want to work with you. It’s a fine art and dance that salespeople deal with constantly. In order to make this process easier, mobile sales enablement apps can come in handy and help salespeople create customized sales presentations and access them when needed.

Importance of Customized Sales Presentations

Why are customized sales presentations so important? Customizing sales decks will help salespeople cater their pitches to prospects. The presentation deck can have a main boilerplate template and some slides that are standard to all pitches, but some parts of the presentation should be customized. Here are some reasons why you should create customized sales presentations instead of just distributing the same material and pitch to all prospects:

  • What’s in it for me? - A common mistake that salespeople can make is pitching a prospective client by just dumping a whole bunch of product features on them. If the sales rep continues to talk about features of the product or service without knowing what the buyer really wants, then he or she risks losing the prospect and wasting time. The prospect will be left wondering, “What’s in it for me?”.

  • Not every client is the same - If you have the exact same sales deck and pitch for every prospective client meeting, you’ll just be alienating your audience. This will also lead to decreased retention of clients because they will end up not using the products or services that are suited to their needs.

  • Increases Personalization - Like online advertising, generic, non targeted messages aren’t going to work very well for sales pitches either. Prospects expect more of a one-to-one selling experience that is personalized. By using a customized sales deck, salespeople can cater to this type of sales experience in real-time. In addition, salespeople can incorporate information on a prospect (ex. Prospect downloaded a piece of content, interacted on social media with the company, etc.) from the marketing department in their pitches.

  • Building Trust - A large part of getting repeat customers is building trust. In order to do so, salespeople need to show that they understand a prospect’s needs and can provide the right product or service that is the best fit. Having a customized sales deck and more personalized meeting will help build trust and make it more likely that a customer will come back to you if future projects are needed.

Benefits of Using Mobile Apps and iPads For Sales

In order to create customized sales decks, salespeople can create a powerpoint or keynote presentation and then print out all the pages or lug around a laptop. A projector can also be used, but who would want to carry all that to a meeting? There’s an easier way - salespeople can use iPads that are more portable and suited for meetings with prospective clients in almost any environment. The iPad could have all the relevant sales documents ready to go in a mobile sales enablement app. Why would you use a mobile app for sales? Well, there are many benefits of using sales enablement mobile apps which include:

  • Better presentation of materials - With a mobile sales enablement app, sales decks can be presented easily to clients on an iPad while on-the-go. Sales reps can easily show clients certain features including pictures and video in a custom interface with the company’s branding in the app.

  • Easily update and share changes with team - If the sales deck needs to be revised, salespeople can easily make changes and share them with the rest of the team.

  • Have the most up-to-date documents - To go along with the updates and changes mentioned earlier, another benefit of using a mobile app for sales is the ability to have the most current documents that salespeople can show prospects. In a sales enablement mobile app, the back end system allows salespeople to easily send notifications and updates.

  • Send documents to relevant people - If a client wants to show a sales presentation to another coworker, the sales rep can easily send the deck to the client as well as to the coworker and anyone else.

  • Don’t have to deal with all the paperwork - The good thing about having a mobile app with all your sales materials is not having to deal with all the paperwork. Instead of lugging around a pile of brochures and catalogs, sales reps can just carry around an iPad.

  • View analytics to figure out which decks are working the best - With a mobile app, you’ll be able to view stats on all sales collateral that you can analyze. With your analysis, you can figure out which decks are performing the best and what clients are looking at most. From there, you can tweak decks to make them better.


By creating customized sales presentations and tailoring a pitch to a specific prospective client, sales reps will be able to sell more relevant products and services. These presentations as well as other documents can be displayed easily on an iPad from a mobile sales enablement app. Remember to bring an iPad the next time you have an upcoming meeting with a prospective client and show them that they are indeed special.

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