ChaiOne moves headquarters to Greenway Plaza, back after 10 years




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Contact: Conssiah Simon


HOUSTON, Texas—November 5, 2018 — ChaiOne, a provider of industrial connected worker solutions, today moved into new offices at 9 Greenway Plaza. ChaiOne's first offices were in a small 60 sf space across the street at 12 Greenway 10 years ago.

“We are excited to be in an area with a high walkability score and easy access to a vibrant food scene,” said CEO Gaurav Khandelwal. "10 years ago we were in a small windowless office at 12 Greenway, its quite humbling thinking about how far we have come."

ChaiOne has continued to grow its focus on industrial connected worker solutions with 85% of its 2018 revenue coming from user experience led facility, field, logistics and supply chain solutions compared to 25% of total revenue in 2015.  Easier access to customers and experienced talent in both creative and in industrial sectors played a strategic role in the choice of the office location.

“The design of the space with plentiful natural light was very important. We needed open space with the flexibility of many conference rooms that could also serve as collaborative product rooms and quiet spaces,” Khandelwal added. “As always, we look forward to hosting the community at this inviting location for meetups and events.”

About ChaiOne Corporation

ChaiOne is the leading provider of connected worker solutions that optimize plant and facility operations by eliminating bottlenecks and downtime. Leveraging sensor data from people, assets and devices, ChaiOne solutions have produced 10x value for plant maintenance, deliveries management, video and sensor monitoring, work orders, timesheets and logistics functions. To learn more, please visit



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