ChaiOne Expands Positioning to Innovation Agency

HOUSTON, TX, Sept. 6, 2016 — Texas’s premier enterprise mobility agency is now expanding its impact as an “innovation agency” to help customers provide better customer experience across channels.

“We started the day after the app store launched doing mobile apps and websites for entrepreneurs, then moved into complex, customer and industrial apps for Fortune 500 companies,” Founder and CEO Gaurav Khandelwal said. “In this journey, we found many companies needed help to rethink their business from the ground up, where just a siloed approach with mobility was not enough.”

The company’s direction is reflective of larger market trends that point toward better customer experience across multiple channels, creating pressure to converge technology, business and design. Fortune 500 companies are finally realizing that the missed revenue opportunities in their processes can be recouped with a user-first transformation. It’s also pioneering an innovation lab to examine VR, AR and emerging technology, called “ChaiLab.”

“I’m excited about the next phase of ChaiOne, which builds on our digital roots with helping progressive companies provide a sticky customer experience measured by reduced churn, increased lifetime value and reduced cost of customer acquisition,” Khandelwal said.

A 2016 survey from research firm Gartner showed that half of CEOs of $1 billion companies expect their industry to be “substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital” with 84 percent saying that they expected the change to yield higher profit margins.

As part of this evolution, some strategic roles were added to the company’s roster. Fabrice Buron, is now the Chief Marketing Officer and focusing further on customer-first digital innovation, omni-channel strategy and business model transformation. Chad Modad, now the Chief Innovation Officer, will help clients leverage emerging technology and innovation to bridge the gap between users’ technology and business KPIs. Jared Huke is now the Chief Design Officer, combining User-Centered Design with human factors and ethnographic research to ground the success of the designed solutions with data.

“The market is exploding with new ways to engage the user, with mobile as now just one part of the experience,” Khandelwal added. “We are already helping our clients navigate all these new channels segmented by impact to the bottom line, and not get distracted by shiny objects.”

One example of this impact was a project for a large utility call center in Houston. ChaiOne’s team of user researchers and designers identified various missed revenue opportunities within the current customer journey and software to manage this relationship. After quantifying the cost of the opportunity and ROI estimate for a solution, ChaiOne’s team created a solution that improved operator efficiency by 400 percent.

Other Fortune 500 clients include some of the world’s largest companies across industries such as, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, hardware and software, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Technology, including Noble Energy, NRG, and PROS, Direct Energy, NRG, and Sysco Foods. The Houston Business Journal recently named ChaiOne as the 2015 Enterprise Champion for its innovative work with the Internet of Things.

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