ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Saima Siddiqui

Saima Siddiqui

Senior Project Manager at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Saima Siddiqui, a Senior Project Manager at ChaiOne. As a Senior Project Manager, Saima manages multiple projects that are in different phases in the app development lifecycle.

Here are some of Saima’s thoughts on being a ChaiOne Senior Project Manager:

Can you describe a typical workday?

Given the flexible work environment, I wake up and take my first call from home since team members are spread across several countries. Next, I work on internal operational activities. Along with managing projects, we assist with PMO operations where possible. Then, I prioritize my to-dos and start at the top of the list.

Senior Project Managers at ChaiOne manage multiple projects at a given time - every project and client is unique so priorities are constantly changing. Typical tasks include managing project scope, schedule, and budget, coordinating and running workshops, helping to shape proposals and strategic client engagements, and supporting sales with scoping and estimation activities.

Did you always want to be a project manager? How did you end up in this role?

To be honest, no. I majored in MIS and Finance with the intent of going into a business analyst role and somehow landed a job in IT consulting. I have worked on projects in IT and management consulting. Because I found Project Management to be an interesting field, I decided to become certified as a Project Management Professional and Scrum Master.  

As a project manager, you have to handle communications between the client and our internal team. Can you describe that experience?

Anytime there are client communications, as project managers, we assess, coordinate and manage communications carefully to allow for little to no distraction to both the client and the team. As a project manager, we prep and have dry runs to produce quality outcomes when it comes to any deliverables or activities (i.e. workshops).  

How would you describe the ChaiOne Team?

  • Smart and talented
  • Good team collaboration
  • Knowledgeable
  • Friendly and fun-loving

What things have you learned so far at ChaiOne that you would tell a new employee?

Be prepared to work with an extremely smart bunch of people in a very fast-paced environment. We get to work on very cool enterprise mobility projects.  

What are some of your favorite apps?

  • Yelp - You can always find good food nearby and have a general knowledge of the quality of food.
  • Kayak - I love to travel and the app serves up the best deals, but the design needs work.
  • Nike+ Training Club - I like taking workout classes in the app.

Fun Facts about Saima:

  • Born on the East coast and raised on the best (West) coast
  • Loves to experiment with recipes
  • Loves to travel the world

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