ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Nia Hall, Project Manager

This month, we are featuring one of our project managers, Nia Hall. Nia came to us after a career in marketing and advertising, most recently earning her M.B.A. with a specialization in marketing. As project manager, she is responsible for anything and everything related to keeping projects on budget and on schedule.

Describe a typical workday.

Actually my workday starts at home. I try to do yoga for at least 15 mins in the morning. It helps me to increase blood flow which gets me focused and inspired for the day. Client calls and meetings usually fill my mornings. During in-between times, I'm usually posting notes, following up with my team, confirming PM meetings, and de-escalating any issues that arise throughout the day. I also try to drink as much water as possible. People will confirm that I carry my large water jugs EVERYwhere. Dehydrated and delayed are my least favorite words.

Why did you come to work at ChaiOne?

Two words: Enterprise Mobility. Doesn't that sound so cool?! Honestly, I was looking for an opportunity in the tech space where I could grow as a PM, increase my tech vernacular, and be amongst peers that were building cool things. I stumbled upon ChaiOne and reached out. One of the best decisions I've made since moving to Houston.

What makes you the most excited about your work?

It's an amazing feeling to see these ideas come to fruition. Imagine, just months ago, an app was just an idea or sketch. Now it's fully functioning and out in the world making people's complex work tasks very simple.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate a project being delivered on-time and on-budget?

Champagne! Oh I love the bubbly.

What advice would you give to prospective ChaiOnauts?

Of course it's cliche, but be yourself. There is a lot of personality within this organization and everyone makes you feel comfortable as soon as you join the team. Don't label yourself as the 'newbie' because it will hinder you from getting to know everyone and the organization. Don't be afraid to show your spirit, chat about comics, or practice your ping pong.

Want to work with Nia? Head on over to our Careers page and apply for our opening!

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