Simplifying Complex Digital Transformation Projects

Written By: admin | 03/2/17

Simplifying Complex Digital Transformation Projects

No matter how you slice it, enterprise digital transformation is complex. That’s because digital transformation (DT) is not simply a restructure or IT implementation, it’s a total business shift.

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To help make digital projects seem less daunting and ensure their success, DT decision makers need the help of a dedicated advisor — someone who can guide them along the digital journey, help discover opportunities with mobile and digital, and identify pitfalls before those pitfalls become costly mistakes. In today’s dynamic enterprise environment, a relatively new and multi-faceted role has emerged to fulfill this need — the digital strategist.

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What is a digital strategist?

The role of a digital strategist, which is largely consultative and strategy-focused, varies by industry. In the marketing and advertising space, for instance, many firms have created the digital strategist role to help clients grow their business with a tailored digital marketing strategy. By contrast, in the enterprise digital transformation space, the role of the digital strategist is to help clients succeed and thrive with their companies’ DT projects.[/su_note]

Simplifying Enterprise Digital Transformation

At ChaiOne, our philosophy is to “make complex simple,” and we expect our digital strategists to do just that for our clients’ DT projects.

Here are the top three ways in which digital strategists at our firm add value to — and simplify — complex DT initiatives at the enterprise-level.

Digital Project Guardians

On DT projects, there is immeasurable value in working with an advocate who deeply understands your organization and business challenges. Such is the role of a digital strategist.

One of the foremost responsibilities of a digital strategist is to help identify business goals and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success against those goals. As a project moves forward, the strategist ensures project alignment with the most valuable and important objectives of the business — keeping the project firmly on track.

Furthermore, because strategists work closely with you and your team, even in the pre-project stage, they become very well acquainted with your business — recognizing potential project roadblocks and identifying opportunities to achieve transformation goals quicker and with greater efficiency.

Digital Solutions Expertise

Having a hard time connecting the dots between business challenges and how to solve them with digital technology? Digital strategists either know the answer — or they know how to find out the answer.

At ChaiOne, while the individual technical knowledge of each of our digital strategists varies, each strategist is an expert in connecting big-picture digital strategy with the right technology solutions to move digital projects forward and identify new opportunities to marry technology with business challenges.

With a digital strategist on your team, you can help accelerate your DT program by either bouncing ideas off of your digital strategist or consulting with them — saving time, money and frustration.

A True Digital Explorer

Digital strategists are with you every step of the way along your transformation journey. They are your extra set of eyes on the front line of your business — assessing situations and determining creative ways to solve problems with digital technologies.

Often, DT decision makers and internal teams are too close to their organization’s challenges — resulting in missed opportunities for streamlining business processes and improving the customer experience with technology. That’s why DT decision makers need a digital strategist — someone from outside the company to offer a fresh perspective and give expert feedback. The result? ROI goes up because digital opportunities are identified at the front-end of a project, instead of being discovered after a project is completed or missed altogether.

Growing enterprise demand for digital transformation will feed the need for digital strategists

According to a recent report, 27 percent of enterprises claim to have implemented a transformative strategy across their entire business, while 46 percent said they have implemented it across parts of their business.

As more and more complex digital projects take off — the need for digital strategists who can help with strategically guiding DT projects will grow.

[su_note note_color="#e8f7fd"]"Our digital strategists come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including software development, design, project management and strategy consulting. The beauty of having a digital strategist on your team is you get a combination of a customer advocate and a digital strategy expert who can inject exponential ROI into digital projects."

ChaiOne CEO Gaurav Khandelwal[/su_note]

Get acquainted

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